Senator Gopal's open letter to monmouth county breweries

By Senator Vin Gopal
May 30, 2023

In September, Democrats and Republicans in both the Senate and Assembly came together to sponsor bills (S3038, A4630) which will help ease the unfair burdens which were placed upon you by the 18 new A.B.C. restrictions. We recognized that these new rules were completely unnecessary and just filled with bureaucracy. They not only hurt your brewery, but surrounding businesses and communities, consumers, as well as the state’s tourism and agricultural industries, which are crucial for Monmouth County’s success. Working together, we created new legislation which would mirror surrounding states’ regulations in New York and Pennsylvania and would level the playing field for New Jersey breweries. We returned the power of how you run your brewery and what and when you are able to serve. We removed much of the red tape that has prevented you from doing something as simple as serve soda or coffee to your customers. I am proud to be the Primary sponsor of this bill because I recognize that your businesses, mostly family-owned small businesses trying to make a living, are going to suffer if something doesn’t change. 

We need to get these bills to the Governor’s desk before July 1st if changes are to be made this summer. The first step to get there is a committee vote to bring it to the floor of each chamber. Fortunately, the Assembly Committee on Oversight, Reform, and Federal Relations approved the bill on May 24th. However, one of our district’s Assemblywoman, Kim Eulner, was the singular ‘no’ vote. There is no substantive reason why Assemblywoman Eulner voted no, as Republicans co-sponsored the bill and it only helps Monmouth County breweries.

It is the job of your representatives to work together, regardless of party, and always vote to improve your lives. I am writing so that you know that one of your representatives is carelessly voting against your interest with no legitimate reason to do so. Assemblywoman Eulner is not looking out for you. My running mates for Assembly, Dr. Margie Donlon and Luanne Peterpaul, Esq., know that in order to accomplish anything, we must be willing to put partisan politics aside and support ANY bill that will help Monmouth County. We need more leaders like this in the Assembly.