Very few voters in LD 11 can identify Steve Dnistrian, Marilyn Piperno, or Kim Eulner, so it is essential that we define them NOW, before they have the opportunity to share a misleading narrative about themselves.

To that end, all Monmouth County voters, including voters on the go, need to SEE, HEAR and READ:

  • Dnistrian, Piperno and Eulner are extremist Republicans who don’t share Monmouth County’s values.
  • In the legislature, Dnistrian, Piperno, and Eulner will be rubber stamps for an anti-choice agenda. At a time when women’s reproductive rights are under attack, their top political backers are extremists who want to restrict access to abortion, and Piperno and Eulner have already voted to defund Planned Parenthood. []
  • Dnistrian opposed legislation that will give seniors up to $6,500 in direct property tax relief, the biggest property tax cut in New Jersey’s history. Piperno and Eulner voted against giving up to $3,250 in direct tax relief to homeowners and up to $1,050 to renters. [,]
  • Monmouth County can’t afford extremists like Dnistrian, Piperno and Eulner.

While all voters would benefit from SEEING, HEARING and READING this message:
Women, especially those over 50 and without a college degree, Independents, and voters in one of the last two (‘17 OR ’21) off-year elections would benefit from learning these facts.