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Senator Vin Gopal (D-Long Branch) has taken action to save courtesy busing for Freehold Regional High School District. This bipartisan piece of legislation (S3950) is co-sponsored by Senator O’Scanlon (R-Middletown), who also represents part of the school district, with Speaker Coughlin leading efforts in the Assembly. If passed, the bill would include funding to restore courtesy busing for the school district, which was in danger of being cut next year due to budget constraints. It would also push smaller school districts that face similar cuts to consider regionalization and add other shared programs to save costs. 

“After Freehold Regional High School District announced cuts to courtesy busing last month, Senator Gopal immediately jumped into action to address the issue and find a bipartisan solution. Once again, Senator Gopal demonstrates that he can get things done for Monmouth County families and successfully work across the aisle to get our kids the resources they deserve,” said Assembly Candidate Dr. Margie Donlon. “As a working mom, I know that the workday doesn’t magically start and stop when the bell rings. This bill will help families make sure their kids can get to school on time and in a safe manner. I am proud to be running with someone who finds solutions, not political sound bites, for Monmouth County families.” 

S3950 was introduced to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee on June 8th and is currently waiting for a vote in Committee. If passed, it will be sent to the Senate floor for a full vote.